Clear plastic Swimming PoolNovember 20, 2010 – 00:00

Clear plastic Swimming Pool

Happy brithday: Here's a book review .I didn't do a whole lot on my brithday. Made cookies for the office and went to writers group. I presented this short piece , asking for advice on what this story should be about, because it's not really a story yet. But last night, my friend took me to a show called Fuerza Bruta . It was the trippiest performance art ever! It was really cool, though. I liked the running man ( video ) 'story' the …

Plastic Swimming Pool HeatersMay 30, 2012 – 00:00

Plastic Swimming Pool Heaters

With temperatures on the rise and the first day of summer only 3 weeks away, pool season is just about upon us. Back in MAKE Volume 23, rocket engineer Edward Hujsak shared an efficient, low-cost, safe, and easy way to warm your pool. His project is the Lily Pad pool warmers, and they’re essentially made of hula hoops covered with black polyethylene film. The how-to is freely available for you on Make: Projects, where community member …

Swimming Pools Above GroundJuly 16, 2013 – 00:00

Swimming Pools Above Ground

Jul 13 16 Swimming pools are very popular these days, proving to be one of the best investments you can make for your home and your family. If you live in an area that is known for a hot climate, a swimming pool can be an ideal way to cool off. You can have friends over at your pool to have fun, or use it to teach your kids how to swim. Although many people prefer an in ground pool, an above ground pool is just as good – if not better. …

Round Plastic Swimming PoolSeptember 3, 2004 – 00:00

Round Plastic Swimming Pool

The Lemon Strikes Again As you might remember, my dog Chester, aka the Lemon, aka the Five Thousand Dollar Dog, has had knee surgery on both of his knees this past spring/summer. He's supposed to be getting certain amounts of exercise per day during the recovery process--all walking. As you may know, Chester lives to fetch . I cannot stress that enough. The dog lives for the ball, getting it, being with it, bringing it back, getting it …

Plastic Swimming pool OffersOctober 15, 2011 – 00:00

Plastic Swimming pool Offers

DAYTON 5PXE7 Plastic Pump, 2HP, 3450, 208-230/460 Category : inground swimming pool Rating : Code : 980910707 Specification DAYTON 5PXE3 Plastic Pump,3/4HP, 3450, 115/230V. Free Shipping on Orders $50 or more. In-Ground Swimming Pool Pump,Self-Priming,Material Thermoplastic,3/4 HP,, Save on CCSP Series Commercial Pump 20 HP 3-Phase 208-230/460V. Read product reviews,find discounts,free shipping and special offers on CCSP Series Commercial …

Swimming Pool.comApril 11, 2011 – 00:00


Hi all, Been really busy lately with a new venture. Due to the fact that my job change 18 months ago resulted in me taking a big pay cut I've been looking at ways of supplementing my income and came up with the idea of affiliate marketing. For those that don't know, affiliate marketing is a method of promoting or reviewing other people's or company's products and then (hopefully) earn a commission if people go on to buy that particular …

Kids Swimming PoolJune 16, 2013 – 00:00

Kids Swimming Pool

On those 90-degree days, the last thing you want is to drag the kids to the packed public pool. They aren't happy and really, neither are you. Don't bother with the hassle and opt for the $20 kids swimming pool from ePacificMall. The fun, vibrant colors make it perfect for kids, and the large outer ring offers stability and safety. The kids will feel cool and your wallet stay cool knowing you saved 67% with today's kgbdeals.

Swimming Pool Plastic PartsJune 26, 2013 – 00:00

Swimming Pool Plastic Parts

Back to the Swimming Pool Acid Pump A couple of folk have sent me notes pointing out that I have spent more money and time on the Acid Pump link> than is justified. They're right. Totally,absolutely right. That doesn't change the fact that I'm going to continue this project until I finally get a nice working device that maintains the Ph of my pool with minimal human intervention. Yes,it's cost me more time than just pouring acid from a …