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Six outdoor swimming pools at the Han River Park, those in Seouls Ttukseom, Yeouido, Gwangnaru, Mangwon, Jamsil and Jamwon and one at the Nanji River Park will be opened from Friday through August 25 without a day off.

The seven outdoor pools have different facilities catering to various tastes. The Ttukseom pool has a 450-meter-long water stream that carries people in the tubes and a facility called Aqua Ring that pours a lot of water at once from a four-meter height.

In Yeouido, there is an Aqua Ring along with a tunnel in which water forms a swirling vortex. Childrens swimming pool in Jamsil has fountains spouting water in the form of a tunnel at the end of each side.

At the water park on Nanji Island, there is a music fountain whose113 nozzles spouting water up to 10-meter height illuminated by LED lights. A water slide called Air-Bounce is installed both in the swimming pool and the water pool. It costs 500 won (43 U.S. cents) per use of the slide.

Other than water pools, people are required to wear both swimming caps (or a baseball cap) and swimsuits to use any of the six swimming pools. Swimming caps, swimming suits, tubes and beach balls are sold inside the parks, but rentals are not available. People using water parks are allowed to wear casually other than swimsuits and do not have to wear swimming caps.

People can rent a sunbed at 10, 000 won (8.7 dollars) for all day long or 5, 000 won (4 dollars) for four hours. Beach umbrellas can be rented for free on a first-come, first-served basis. Installing beach umbrellas or sunshades are allowed as long as enough space is secured. The use of shower booth or locker room is free, but it costs 1, 000 won (0.9 dollars) to 3, 000 won (2.6 dollars) to use a storage box depending on the facilities. Except alcoholic beverage, food is allowed to be carried into the park. Food can also be bought inside the parks.

Swimming pools charge adults 5, 000 won, youth 4, 000 won and children 3, 000 won, while water pools cost adults 3, 000 won, youth 2, 000 won and children 1, 000 won. Children aged six or younger are free. Those facilities open from 9 a.m. through 8 p.m. People are encouraged to use public transportation because parking lots become full by 9 a.m. during the peak season. For more information on transportation and other questions, contact at or call park management at 02-3780-0658.

Water pools at Yangjae Stream Park will be opened from Saturday through Aug. 25. The 140-meter long, 10 to 15-meter wide and 50-centimeter deep swimming pool is good for children to play. There is a locker room but no shower booth. Swimsuits are not required.


Hijack: Facebook 'dipping' craze irks pool owner

2008-06-18 13:02:05 by A_Hummingbird

By Richard Savill
Last Updated: 2:07PM BST 18/06/2008
Teenagers are using internet satellite images to spot outdoor swimming pools before meeting for late-night dips.
The new craze, known as "dipping", involves people using pictures from Google Earth to identify homes that have large outdoor pools.
Once a venue is found, the youngsters use social networking sites including Facebook and Bebo to meet for impromptu swims and pool parties.
Police said some residents have woken up to find youngsters using their pools

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