Painting in the swimming pool

Posted on September 5, 2013 – 01:43 am

JeansPics_05-2010_Pic2426 One kiddie pool + one large sheet of butcher paper + several balls dipped in paint = a super fun warm weather painting activity.

I've been wanting to try this large scale ball painting project with Maia for a while now and and am glad I finally did. (We've done something similar on a much smaller scale with marble rolling.)

I taped a sheet of butcher paper to the bottom of our plastic swimming pool,poured tempera paint into cake pans,and found an assortment of balls--bouncy balls,a huge wooden bead,and musical egg shakers. Tennis balls,wiffle balls,and softballs would work great as well. You could also try this with large ones such as soccer balls or basketballs.

By the way,the paper is actually construction paper (literally) bought in a large roll from Lowes for $10.JeansPics_05-2010_Pic2430This is a much better price than $40 Discount School Supply sells their butcher paper for! And much sturdier than the paper on newsprint rolls.JeansPics_05-2010_Pic2448I'm loving it.

First Maia and her friend Marlise covered the balls in paint.

Then they dropped the paint-covered balls in the swimming pool and rolled them back and forth and all around by tilting the pool.

Of course they were soon adding hand and foot prints to the painting. And,since paint is slippery,bottom prints.

I sprayed them (and the swimming pool) off with the hose and thought they'd want to splash around in the pool afterward but they chose a warm bath instead.

Have any of you tried painting with rolling balls or marbles?



Swimming Pool Installation-need help, Please!

2009-08-24 07:44:56 by oopid

I purchased an above ground swimming pool from neighbors who were moving but they did not have instructions for set up, and now they've moved. I have tried everyting I can think if to set it up, but I'm failing. I promised my kids that I'd have it set up for summer, and here we are at the end of summer and it's still not up. It was all I could do to come up with the money to buy the pool and I can't afford the $500 the pool place wants to set it up. I'd really like to give the kids a chance to swim before Fall when it has to be closed. Is there anyone out there who could help me at no cost?

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