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Jan 2nd, 2009

by Molly Colman.

The new Pay As You Throw (PAYT) program began on January 1st. Here’s a round-up of some of the new regulations:

The Transfer Station now accepts all recyclable plastics #1 thru #7.
You still need to separate the #1 and #2 plastics because the town sells those plastics. Recyclable plastics #3 through #7 will be accepted bundled together.

PAYT Bags are available for purchase at the following locations:
Nature’s Way Market-
Main Street
The Lunchbox-Agamenticus Road
South Berwick Pharmacy-Main Street
Town Hall (Clerk’s Office)-Main Street
Shaws Supermarkets-Dover, NH Note: The Town reports that there was a holdup with Shaws at the Corporate level and bags are expected be available for sale by Friday January 2nd)
Bags will also be sold at the Transfer Station.

Bags are sold in packages of 5 as follows:
Large bags: 33 Gallon $7.50
Small bags: 15 Gallon $5.00

Several other vendors who agreed to sell bags however they may not be available at these locations yet. These include:
Cumberland Farms-Rt. 236 So. Berwick
Hannaford Supermarket-Dover, NH
Market Basket-Somersworth, NH

There are some new fees on large items that do not fit in bags:
Effective January 7, 2009 the following fees will be collected for items which do not fit in the PAYT bags according to the following schedule. Some examples of bulky items are, but not limited to:
Suitcases & luggage
Kids plastic swimming pools, sand boxes & playground toys
Kids plastic tri-cycles (hot wheels) & non-battery powered “buggys, ” “power wheels”, etc.
Garden hoses & hose reels
Plastic trash cans & storage bins

This is the fee schedule for these items:
Single item that weighs 10 pounds or less = $1.00
Single item that weighs 11-25 pounds = $1.50
Single item that weighs 26-50 pounds = $3.00
Single item greater than 50 pounds = $5.00

New disposal fees for additional items will become effective February 1, 2009.
(note: construction debris & mixed wood will have the same fees)
current fee



2003-11-12 11:40:32 by SuburbanCowgirl

I say we also outlaw swimming pools. Tons of kids die in those things every year. And we should also ban cars, plastic wrapping of any kind, sharp kitchen utensils, household cleaners, certain breeds of dogs, bathtubs, cold weather and the flu.
Why hasn't this been done yet? Stupid politicians forgetting about the little guy!

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