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White plastic patio furniture, white plastic patio furniture

With summer fast approaching, more and more people are getting ready to celebrate grilling season on their beautiful outdoor decks. Now, a new option has come to the forefront and thanks to its incredible versatility, more and more people are choosing barstools as a way to accent their deck and garden perfectly. Let's take a look at how your deck or garden can be accented perfectly by outdoor barstools. UK families from coast to coast should take this advice to heart!The list of reasons to switch from hideous white plastic outdoor furniture to outdoor barstools is numerous, but let's starts with appearance. It is true that the number of options available to most people when it comes to outdoor furniture is limited, but no one really likes the way traditional white plastic furniture looks, they simply use it because they don't have any other choice. Now, with outdoor barstools gaining in popularity, you can have elegant, classy and comfortable outdoor furniture in your garden or on your deck for only a few pennies more than plastic furniture costs. There is a whole range of outdoor barstools on the market, including wooden frame models, wrought iron ones and so much more. Think about the reactions you'll get when you invite guests out to your deck or garden and you have slim, elegant outdoor barstools there to greet them.

Second, with back yards and decks shrinking in size every year, you need to do what you can to maximize space and reduce waste. That's why outdoor barstools make so much more sense than white plastic furniture. Not only are outdoor barstools more comfortable than the traditional plastic outdoor furniture, but they have a much smaller footprint than a traditional chair, as well. This means that in a space where you might only be able to fit three white plastic chairs, you can fit four or five outdoor barstools. UK families can now comfortably entertain larger groups without having to worry about where everyone can sit and relax. Barstools literally open up a whole new world of entertainment for you and your family.

Finally, outdoor barstools are sure to make your garden or deck unique and the talk of the neighborhood. While your neighbors are spraying down their stained plastic white outdoor furniture for the third or fourth season of use, you'll be proudly displaying your new outdoor barstools that add a touch of sophistication to your deck and garden. Don't be the one person in your neighborhood to still be using ugly old furniture, join the wave of the future with sturdy and elegant outdoor barstools. UK retailers are now offering more and more styles, and online retailers offer thousands more, so there is a set of outdoor barstools just waiting for you.


Polywood POLYWOOD SBT18WH South Beach 18" Side Table, White
Lawn & Patio (Polywood)
  • Made with fade-resistant POLYWOOD recycled lumber; this 18" side table is the ideal companion to the South Beach Adirondack, Dining Chair, Chaise or Rocker
  • POLYWOOD recycled HDPE lumber has the look of painted wood without the upkeep real wood requires; requires no painting, staining, or waterproofing
  • Heavy-duty construction withstands nature's elements; will not splinter, crack, chip, peel or rot and is resistant to stains, insects, fungi, and salt spray
  • Some assembly required; commercial grade stainless steel hardware; made in the USA
  • Measures 15 inches wide by 19 inches deep by 18 inches high; 20-year limited warranty

Painting patio furniture

2008-06-17 07:50:22 by cc_8675309

Good morning!
Question on painting outdoor patio furniture...
I have some rather old 'wicker look' plastic benches that over the years have become quite grey and weathered looking. I am thinking they would look great with a fresh coat of paint in a nice gloss white.
Anyone have experience with this, before I dive in, head first, as I am prone to do.. :-)

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