All Weather Wicker Furniture Year Round

Posted on August 9, 2013 – 02:37 pm

Nearly all patios and gardens across the country have outdoor furniture and the material of choice is wicker. Thus, it is not surprising that all weather wicker furniture is found all over homes and gardens. These kinds of furniture may even be found in the interiors of the home. Why choose wicker for the outdoors?

All Weather Wicker Wicker is a fiber that is woven into a rigid material and is usually used for furniture or baskets. While originally fashioned from plants, plastic is also used to mimic the qualities of wicker; thus, making the material impervious to rain or other weather elements that may damage organic fiber.

Natural wicker is known for its durability and strength and also for the exceptional level of comfort and beauty that a master craftsman can produce. The material of conventional wicker can be any plant part like rattan stalks or cane cores. Other popular wicker materials are bamboo and reed.

As compared to all weather wicker furniture, natural wicker needs maintenance so that it is kept in excellent shape. Synthetic wicker types include high-tensile wire (paper-wrapped) and resin or plastic. Synthetic wickers are often utilized for the outdoors. More recent furniture’s frame material includes aluminum.

Wicker is traditionally used for the outdoors. While conventional wicker is oftentimes used, the furniture made from this type of wicker is covered with a roof. For example, an outdoor wicker furniture set is placed on a deck. However, that deck has a roof to protect the wicker furniture. Wicker furniture made of plastic or resin is more resistant to all types of weather conditions. Thus, furniture like wicker lounge chairs are found by swimming pool areas.

Just like conventional furniture, there are many different types of outdoor wicker furniture. One of more popular furniture types are sectional sets. The sets are highly versatile and each section can be detached from the other section to make another piece of furniture. Cushions complete the look of the sectional sofa sets.


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