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Posted on July 27, 2013 – 07:54 pm

Decking and outdoor furniture manufacturers in South Africa

Wooden decks and wooden outdoor furniture looks great when it is new, but living in South Africa with the harsh weather conditions, wood needs constant upkeep and maintenance with this Eco friendly decks. Find the best alternative to wooden decks and outdoor furniture, this is not wood but made from a durable alternative material to natural wood and this material looks just like wooden decking and outdoor furniture.

Having a wooden deck added to your house is always a good thing, as this will increase the value of your house, but looking after and maintaining your wooden decks and wooden garden furniture is a constant hassle that you will have to do to maintain the finish and avoid the wood rotting.

Durable outdoor furniture

Decking and outdoor furniture Decking and outdoor furniture

No maintenance outdoor furniture - Eco friendly decking in South Africa

Find the best prices on these decks, they offer an installation service and can advise you on your deck requirements. See all the options and go green with this range of Eco friendly decking and outdoor furniture.

Outdoor furniture that lasts

This company makes outdoor furniture and decking that is durable and will look good after just a wipe with a damp cloth. Natural recycled products create a splinter-free substitute for wooden furniture. These are plastic planks and poles they are manufactured from 100% recycled plastic materials using a secret formula that produces a plastic that looks just like wood and this is the best no maintenance outdoor furniture

Robust outdoor decking material in South Africa

These quality products are made in South Africa they offer a wide-range of durable outdoor furniture. Outdoor furniture made in South Africa that does not require our natural resources, you can get these artificial wood products throughout South Africa and they are also available for export, this is the best affordable alternative to real wooden decking and outdoor furniture.


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Four cell phone chargers
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two comforters
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toys and stuffed animals too numerous to count
the cord to my laptop
the electric dog bowl we use for water in winter
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a 4'x6' porch, to include the four steps and handrail
dog houses (plastic and wood)

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