How To Paint Plastic Furniture & A Makeover

Posted on August 22, 2013 – 06:26 pm

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Another sneak peek of our patio space! I know, I’m such a tease. It happens. Anyways in the last post about the outdoor sofa makeover, I talked about how we wanted to do this patio makeover on a budget. Enter ugly beat up plastic chairs that I found at a local thrift store for a few measly dollars.DSC_1150 I knew with a little TLC & some spray paint that these babies would be as good as new & be a great addition to our patio makeover. And actually these chairs are pretty heavy & are very sturdy so it was a great deal. I hope this post makes you think twice about passing up some ugly plastic furniture at your local thrift store or inspires you to paint some plastic furniture of your own!

So you have a not so pretty plastic piece of furniture.How to paint plastic furniture- It’s so easy to give it a makeover that it would be a sin not to make it pretty!

1- wash the entire surface of the plastic piece of furniture. I like using windex or vinegar and water to clean with. I feel like it gets all of the dirts & oils completely off the surface which will allow the paint to adhere better to the plastic.

2- You can choose to prime if you want to.DSC_1452 I don’t prime when painting plastic. One, because I’m lazy & I don’t feel like it’s necessary. I have never had a problem with paint coming off of my plastic pieces when I don’t prime. Plastic is an absorbent material and any kind of spray paint works very well in my opinion. But, if you do want to prime, you can use kilz or rust-oleums oil based primers for extra security that your paint will last & go on smooth. My favorite spray paint to use is Rust-oleum (and no this post is not sponsored, but hey what’s up rust-oleum! I like your product!) I feel like for plastic and outdoor pieces in general it’s very durable and long lasting. I especially love the hammered textured series because it hides flaws & really leaves no room for error.

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For packing it up for winter

2008-08-06 10:52:25 by TriageRN

I too use the method decribe by the other poster! I hang it from a tree to drain it well, moving as needed so the whole hose is drained and dry. Then coil it, and store it. If you get in a bind with a sudden winter spirt...I have done this quickly and wrapped my hoses in an old blanket or something I have in the shed anyway for insulation!
On my spicots, I use old towels and blanket and wrap it around and cover with plastic and good ol duct tape.
ALSO, remember...tend to the tools! I clean them...sharpen if necessary for easy use come spring...oil them and put them away!
Patio furniture too folks

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