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Best Modern Patio Furniture

Posted by admin on July 16, 2013

In recent years, many people have recognized the advantages of using modern furniture in their patios over the older versions. Since there are different kinds of modern patio furniture on the market, it is important to know the best options available to help us choose the appropriate kind of modern furniture for our patios. Some of the more popular modern furniture for patios is wicker patio furniture, teak patio furniture, resin patio furniture, plastic patio furniture and aluminum patio furniture.

Wicker Patio Furniture

Wicker furniture is considered as all-weather patio furniture that comes in many varieties such as outdoor dining sets which are ideal for outdoor parties and barbecues, decking or lounge chairs which are perfect just for sitting and enjoying the outdoors and wicker benches and stools which look great even just for casual gatherings. It is usually made with aluminum frames and is covered with treated synthetic fibers to resist severe weather and temperature changes.

Teak Patio Furniture

furniture Teak patio furniture does not only blend with the outdoors but is also considered stylish yet very durable that it can last for decades even with only a little maintenance since it does not require frequent treatment with a protective coating. While it may be more expensive compared to other kinds of wood, teak is one of the sturdiest and finest woods. It does not crack and has greater resistance against chemicals, decay and termite infestations. As with wicker patio furniture, teak patio furniture also ranges from different kinds of tables to chairs including sofas and chaise lounges. Its classic look is often given a modern touch with the combination of patio furniture made of other materials such as aluminum, polymer and plastic.

Resin Patio Furniture

Although it may not look as elegant as wicker and teak furniture, modern resin patio furniture is also popular because it comes in simple modern designs that are visually appealing and cost effective. Like wicker patio furniture, it can resist extreme weather conditions and is comfortable and durable as well even with minimal maintenance. It is not susceptible to fading and breakage and can be cleaned easily. Moreover, it can be rearranged easily to maximize patio space because it is lightweight.

Aluminum Patio Furniture

Aluminum patio furniture is often considered the ultimate modern furniture for patios not only for its stylish and trendy designs but also for its low maintenance requirements and resistance to rust as compared to other metals. Topped with cushions in solid colors, it serves as a comfortable seat resolving its own disadvantage of being a heat conductor during summer.

All in all, one’s choice would eventually boil down to personal style and preference as all the options seem to be the best kind of modern patio furniture for enhanced outdoor relaxation and enjoyment.


Layer containers to create depth of field

2004-06-18 20:15:19 by AnitaMoPlants

You can create a wonderful oasis ontop of your paved patio by layering in containers of various heights and then planting them with lush overflowing textural foliage.
I used a variety of containers planted with abundant foliage .
The not so attractive containers are placed in the background and the smaller more decorative planters are placed in the foreground.
I also now have a jute carpet laid out ontop of the concrete patio and some new (used ) furniture and chandeliers that also detracts from the monolithic concrete.
Try old wine barrels and large cheap plastic pots in the backgound and then the most expensive and showy pots in the foreground.

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