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Posted on December 4, 2013 – 10:12 am

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HKLM – soon a R100 million agency

April 8, 2013

by Herman Manson (@marklives) Ten years ago four friends decided to launch a brand and design agency. Their focus would rest on emerging markets, especially on Africa and the Middle East, although their work would take them onto design adventures in parts of Asia and Eastern Europe as well.hklm They decided to call it HKLM – using the surnames of the four founding partners in alphabetical order – Harwood, Kirsten, Leigh, McCoy.

The four partners had all been directors at Enterprise IG Africa Middle East (now The Brand Union, a WPP Group company) and launched the business less than a week after resigning.Infographic 3.3 “HKLM promises to challenge what it terms the ‘stagnating status quo’ by introducing a more imaginative and strategic approach to brand consulting and design solutions, ” the new agency promised in its launch media release.

Today the business generates more than R90 million in annual revenue and has offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Nairobi, Accra, Lagos and Dubai. It employs 65 people. Not too shabby for a business that started from a tiny office with plastic garden furniture.

The agency itself has continued evolving since its launch in 2003, says co-founder Graham Leigh.HKLM logo Today as much as 80% of revenue is generated through professional services rather than media. They are evolving beyond an agency into a consultancy, he adds.

The South African business gained traction quickly following the initial launch and was winning significant business within a couple of months of opening its doors. HKLM was named ‘Brand Agency of the Year’ at the Financial Mail AdFocus awards in 2004.

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So, everything is off to the chopping block

2008-05-01 09:27:21 by FionasMum

Well, slowly anyways. I started putting my stuff on CL for sale. Started with the garden stuff (including the dog house) and hanging planter baskets. Got some small statuary type things, and a plastic table/patio chair set.
Listed my bedroom furniture, entertainment center and coffee/end tables. Once I get rid of the big things, I will start going through boxes and putting my books on e-bay.
It feels strange but somewhat calming to know I am going to be free of clutter.

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