Vermont Woods Studios Furniture - Recycled Plastic Outdoor Furniture for the Beach, Pool or Patio

Posted on January 7, 2011 – 00:00

Vt-patio-furnitureFor five years our customers have been asking us to offer eco-friendlyoutdoor furniture that meets the same high quality standards that ourhandcrafted,Vermont made indoor furniture does. I'm sorry for the delay..Patio-furniture . we weren't ignoring you. We just had a lot of research and soul searching to do.

The issue with outdoor furniture is that the really high quality, solid wood furniture we were considering is of questionable origin. Teak and mahogany are about the only types of wood that would meet ourstandards for weather resistance and longevity but they are bothrainforest woods that are often harvested illegally and unsustainably. Our company mission is founded on forest conservation principles and we've made the decision not to offer outdoor furniture made of rainforest woods.

After researching all the alternatives we selected a wood-alternativematerial for our first outdoor furniture line. It's called poly woodand is made of recycled beverage containers. Instead of clear-cuttingengandered rainforests to make our furniture,we're taking plastic outof the waste stream. We see that as a WIN-WIN situation for thecustomer and the environment.

Have a look at our new outdoor patio furniture collectionas it comes online. We're just starting the process of gettingeverything ready for the Spring season,but you can still get a goodidea of what's to come. Let me know what you think of poly wood andwhether you would consider it for your outdoor patio,deck or garden. It's not real wood,but it wears even better than wood-- so well,thatwe're able to give it a lifetime guarantee just like our indoorfurniture. It's good stuff-- check it out!


Garages are for cars, not for people ...

2012-04-24 11:11:19 by Manhattan-Eric

Spending recreational time in your garage, if not doing garage type stuff, and playing cards, drinking beer, playing pool, hanging out in the garage, with or without the door open, is very, very, lower middle class.
Garages are for cars, and extra storage. Maybe a workbench for handyman activities that you would not want to do in a house.
But please be clear, if anyone sees you just "hanging out" in the garage, you will loose your country club membership ASAP.
There are only a few things more trashier: hanging out in the front yard, sitting on plastic lawn furniture, drinking beer, listening to loud music, talking to your plastic pink flamingo would be an example of something a little worse than hanging out in your garage

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