How to clean plastic and wooden patio furniture

Posted on July 8, 2013 – 00:00
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How To Clean Plastic And Wood Outdoor Patio Furniture

Parties and other special occasions bring people together. So, if you want to catch up with your family or friends, you should consider organizing an intimate outdoor event or maybe a family barbeque. There are however a few challenges that come with planning a yard or garden party, and one is getting all your lawn or patio furniture clean. Unlike indoor sofas and tables that are protected from the elements, outdoor items are exposed to the sun and rain. These get muddy when there is a downpour, and some become discolored due to bird droppings, molds or deposits. So, how do you prepare your outdoor chairs and tables for a special event? Read on for some tips.

Cleaning Tips for Plastic Patio Furniture

– Among the many types of patio furniture around, plastic items are the easiest to clean. Start by preparing your cleaning solution. Fill a bucket with a gallon of warm water and then add about 10 to 20 ml of dishwashing liquid. Use the mixture when scrubbing the plastic furniture. Afterwards, allow these to air-dry.

– In case your furniture still looks filthy after washing using the liquid soap and water mixture, try another blend. Mix ½ cup bleach with a gallon of water. (Use 1 cup bleach with water for more stubborn mildew stains.) Brush the outdoor furnishings again, but don’t rinse these immediately. Allow the bleach solution to stay on for a couple of minutes before rinsing. Then, leave out to dry.

– Once things are completely dry, you also have the option of waxing or painting your furniture. The wax will give plastic a nice polished look. You can also paint these if you prefer. Purchase paint that can be used on plastic.


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The cheap white plastic patio chairs that

2007-09-04 12:11:43 by do_that

Are not the same material as architectural vinyl, they are "resin" chairs...look at the literature on any of them and you will never see the word "vinyl" mentioned.
Vinyl will oxidize, but architectural vinyl is formulated to minimize this, and even at its worst vinyl won't break down the same way cheap resin patio furniture will.

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