Swimming Pool Furniture - Best deals on cheap pool lounge chairs

Posted on January 27, 2011 – 00:00
Patio Pool Deck Chaise Lounge Chair Recycled Plastic Outdoor

Cheap Pool Lounge Chairs

Guests of hotels, campsites, country clubs and holiday homes with swimming pools enjoy these pool lounge chairs that are placed at the pool side. You will even find them in parks and of course on the cruise ships sailing the Caribbean or the Aegean seas.

Roasting On A Recliner In The Summer Sun

Cheap pool lounge chairs made from hardwood or from plastic or resin, will be populated by young people escaping work for a week or two or by the retired silver haired ones. Deep into the latest best selling novel from Dan Brown on your Kindle or iPad, or dozing in the summer sun, whatever, but totally relaxed and horizontal.

The Nautical Type Of Pool Lounger

More comfortable with the material stretched out in the frame of the lounge chair by elastic bungees. Could be a mesh material which is good for drying off, if you get on it with a wet swimming costume. The whole of the pool lounger needs to be resistant to the pool chemicals or to salt water. Pretty strong too if it is in an area of high usage, like a hotel pool.

Plastic Pool Loungers Cheap And Cheerful

Colourfast so they don't fade in the suns rays and need hardly any looking after. Hose them down or wipe them clean, now and then. Most types of this pool furniture even the cheaper ones, have adjustments so that you can get the most suitable position for comfort. Storage is no problem as they can be stacked up easily.

Moving Them And Re Arranging The Space By The Pool

Do you have to be able to put the chairs away quickly to re arrange the space by the inground pool side for a different purpose? Then have a look at the chairs that have the wheels on them, especially good for the heavier models of lounger.

Add Cushions For Comfort

Set the backrest to the position that is the most suitable, grab the cushions and support your head or your back and soak up the sun. You can set the backrest right down to horizontal or have it more vertical for when you are reading a book or a magazine.

Buy Well Made, Safe Pool Furniture

If you can set these in to a variety of positions for your comfort then you have to know that there is no chance that you or your kids will sustain digit damage from the joints of the sun lounger pool chairs.

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The cheap white plastic patio chairs that

2007-09-04 12:11:43 by do_that

Are not the same material as architectural vinyl, they are "resin" chairs...look at the literature on any of them and you will never see the word "vinyl" mentioned.
Vinyl will oxidize, but architectural vinyl is formulated to minimize this, and even at its worst vinyl won't break down the same way cheap resin patio furniture will.

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