The Evolution Of Kate: Self-indulgence.

Posted on September 21, 2013 – 06:34 am

So I tried again today with the Rue La La – I had a nice credit for my return of the misguided Marc Jacobs bag. Today was Vera Wang Lavender,and I bought these 2 delightfully discounted pieces:I really wanted this:

But where is a 40 year old mother of two with a pretty non-existent social life going to wear it? That could make me a little sad in concept,but for the fact that I’m not sure I ever had a social life that would have given me occasion to wear this more than once a year anyway.

R. and I have halfway decided (okay,7/8) that next March or April we are going to dump our kids with his mom and sister in North Carolina and jet on down to the Caribbean for a few days. Just saying “jet” sets me off in my fantasy world where I choose an overly expensive resort and justify it because (1) it’s only 4 nights,not the usual 7,and (2) we’re so tired and in need of romance that we deserve it.Sure,“deserve it.” Why not? People starving in Africa and a few blocks away from us,but we deserve a luxurious trip to Anguilla or some such. Putting liberal guilt aside for a mo,a pampered beach vacation sounds fabulous.

Now for the trouble of figuring out where to go. It takes a long time to research those pesky islands,trying to find the magic combo of fabulous beach and reasonable airfare. Why does it cost so much to fly to the Caribbean?Once you factor in the last 10 miles of sea plane or speedboat or whatevs,it’s really quite prohibitive. That’s presumably why those of us in this half of the nation who have to consider budget usually just go to Puerto Vallarta. The one time I went to the Caribbean on a budget (aka the only time I’ve ever been to the Caribbean),I ended up at a semi-dump in Negril,and I’ll just say it wasn’t to my liking. White plastic pool chairs and non-stop requests that I either buy pot or give up my watch because I’m a rich American = less than satisfying experience. This time,I’d like to experience the plantation shutters and 4-inch thick chaise cushions of my fantasies.


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2002-07-13 08:25:29 by yf---

There 2 garage sales at cypica this day you can find many bargasious things. why is he getting ged? i didnt like hs some times but my kids LOVE the whole school social even the teacher experience. they wouldnt give it up for nothing.
i have 3 employees who did ged, one is a hoodlum and uneducated kind of dumb, one got pregnant so she did ged and one is pretty and smart and sweet, she says just school wanst her bag, i dont get it. oh well
heres a cut paste of garage sale, thats where im going maybe see ya sunshines!
bookcase - black and birch three shelves, beautiful,,$50
desk black- and wood $ 20
dining room table-light wood smoked glass top

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