Stackable Patio Chairs Are the Trend

Posted on November 20, 2013 – 04:05 am

A New Trend – Patio Chairs That You Can Stack

Consumer spending on outdoor furniture has been increasing, encouraging outdoor furniture manufacturers to come up with new designs. This year, outdoor furniture is going to focus on comfort, making the most of outdoor space and flexibility of design. One trend that is already quite popular is stackable patio chair.

If you have a small yard, then stackable chairs – lightweight and versatile are good options. You can reposition them when you need more space, for example, when you are throwing an outdoor party. When you are not using them, you can stack them up and store them.

Reasons for their popularity

One simple explanation is the limitation on outdoor space. Smaller homes have become very popular. Another factor can be the ease with which these chairs can be moved. Also, many homeowners want to bring their outdoor furniture inside when it starts raining or snowing, to protect them from the weather and help them last longer. Stackable patio chairs are excellent for this. You can also save space on storage.

These are different from plastic lawn chairs

Customers should not confuse these stackable chairs with plastic lawn chairs. The former are crafted from quality materials such as synthetic rattan and aluminum. They have a sleek modern look. Some stackable chairs can even be stacked in interesting ways to create designs such as obelisks. These chairs come with their own tables. No assembly is required and these chairs can be moved at your will.

For more information on our stackable chairs, contact one of our experienced sales people at 416-645-6980.

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