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Posted on November 12, 2013 – 12:21 am
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Outdoor furniture, because of its exposure to the elements, often needs a thorough cleaning. This is a guide about cleaning patio furniture.

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Cleaning Mesh Patio Furniture

How do you clean mesh fabric on patio furniture ? I have no idea what exactly is on the furniture, but it is very grimy. Thanks.

By bped from Wilson, WY

Kendy07/08/2009Hi bped, I feel your pain. I, too, have mesh patio furniture, approx. 6 years old, and over the years the chairs started to look dirty, even kinda moldy (yuk!) so I scrubbed them with bleach. That didn't work, so I experimented with the spray paint for plastics and masked off a stripe pattern with painter's tape, and did a light green, dark sage combo paint job on them, they look brand new which made me very happy cuz I couldn't bear to have to buy a new set just because of some discoloration, when the rest of the patio set was fine- I'll post a pic if I get time, but try it, I love how mine turned out-

Cleaning Outdoor FurnitureHow can I clean mildew from patio cushions?

By s from NJ

By Suntydt12/07/2009If it was me I would try Simple Green; spray it on, scrub with a brush, hose it off. Looks like there are also some ideas below here in the archives.

Patio Furniture Webbing Turning BrownMy patio chairs are metal, but the webbing used to be a cream color. One of the chairs is a dark brown. Can I fix it? Is there a product to reverse sun damage?

By Cindy G

Cleaning Outside Furniture CushionsHow do you clean the outside cushions on chairs and swings? They are material, but I am afraid if I wash them in a washer, they will fall apart.

By Shirley

Melissa01/04/2012It's important to know what kind of cloth it is first. There may be tags on them that you can still read that will tell you either what they are made of or the care instructions themselves. Canvas can be machine washed as long as it is put back on while still damp to retain its shape, and never dried in the dryer.


Hot day+interview=horrible

2005-11-01 17:33:01 by sporky2005

Kitty... *smiles* lol...
Good ole employers. Seriously though, why do they pick they worst people to interview others?
I had an interview once a hot day. The type of dry, sticky heat. The interviewer decided it would be a good idea to sit outside. So we sat down on plastic chairs. Needless to say when we stood up there was a pool of sweat in my chair, and my light blue shirt had very embarrassing pit stains. The interviewer gave me a couple of weird looks and I didn't get the job.
It doesn't top being called KITTY but it was horrible.

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