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Posted on July 23, 2011 – 00:00
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Any pool area just is not quite complete without the perfect pool lounge chairs. Whether for use inside or outside of the pool, the right lounge chairs can take those leisurely summer days spent by the pool to the next level. There are numerous providers of pool chairs offering products of all kinds of designs, materials, and styles. Accommodation preferences and any potential budgeting threshold will determine which chairs will best suit a particular household.

By The Pool

For sunning and taking a break from swimming, lounge chairs are an essential part of a pool area. We are all used to seeing chaise lounges surrounding public, neighborhood, or private pools, but any first time pool lounge shopper may be unaware of the differences between the various types of lounges. Pool lounge chairs are commonly made from polyethylene (an extremely sturdy plastic material), resin, or wood.

Plastic pool lounge chairs, like the Polywood® Adirondack Chaise Lounge, are rather expensive, but they are durable and exceptionally long-lasting. They are resistant to corrosion by fungi, insects, oils, and weather conditions. They require no water-proofing or maintenance. They are entirely water-resistant and will not crack, mold, rot, splinter, or warp. Being crafted from post-consumer plastic bottle waste, they are environmentally friendly as well.

Resin pool lounge chairs are perhaps the most common and are much more affordable than their plastic counterparts. They usually feature multi-position adjustable backs, recessed wheels for moving them around with ease, and a stackable design for convenient storage.

In The Pool

Floating pool lounge chairs are the ultimate relaxation devices. Ranging from very simple and inexpensive to elaborate and pricey, floating loungers are a great addition to summer pool fun for every age. Starting at the bottom rung of the price scale, the Intex Floating Recliner Lounge may be easy on the wallet, but it still has all the essentials with its laid-back chair design, handles, and two cup holders.

Next in line, the Kelsyus Floating Lounger has an attractive and unique ergonomic design that allows the floater’s middle section to descend slightly into the water for constant coolness and comfort. It features a back rest, an ottoman extension, and a carrying case for easy portability.

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Hot day+interview=horrible

2005-11-01 17:33:01 by sporky2005

Kitty... *smiles* lol...
Good ole employers. Seriously though, why do they pick they worst people to interview others?
I had an interview once a hot day. The type of dry, sticky heat. The interviewer decided it would be a good idea to sit outside. So we sat down on plastic chairs. Needless to say when we stood up there was a pool of sweat in my chair, and my light blue shirt had very embarrassing pit stains. The interviewer gave me a couple of weird looks and I didn't get the job.
It doesn't top being called KITTY but it was horrible.

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