Walmart pool chairs - how to remove elmers glue from carpet

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Swiss gear chairsWalmart pool chairs

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1. Kahooram - Monday,July 22,2013 8:12:52 AM

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Hot day+interview=horrible

2005-11-01 17:33:01 by sporky2005

Kitty... *smiles* lol...
Good ole employers. Seriously though, why do they pick they worst people to interview others?
I had an interview once a hot day. The type of dry, sticky heat. The interviewer decided it would be a good idea to sit outside. So we sat down on plastic chairs. Needless to say when we stood up there was a pool of sweat in my chair, and my light blue shirt had very embarrassing pit stains. The interviewer gave me a couple of weird looks and I didn't get the job.
It doesn't top being called KITTY but it was horrible.

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