Plastic Patio Chairs: Stackable Plastic Patio Chairs

Posted on October 16, 2011 – 00:00
Plastic stackable patio chairs in red

Now the most popular option for outdoor furniture, stackable plastic patio chairs holds numerous advantages over other forms of furniture. There's no argument about how beautiful wooden furniture is. Yet, scratching and staining is always a problem. Wood makes very attractive breeding places for pests. And if not the good kind of wood, breakablility is a big disadvantage. But probably what holds people back from owning wood is the expensive price. Iron and steel is another option competing in popularity with wood when it comes to designs and appeal. Its many drawbacks like rust formation and cost makes it not the best choice either. Iron and steel furniture isn't ideal for hot days too as it gets uncomfortable to sit on. Same happens on really cold seasons, sitting on a cold steel chair may not be a good way to enjoy a beautiful night outside.

plastic patio chairs come in all sorts of colors and designs. Creating a well-organized theme in your patio is easy with all the newer unique colors, and even the most natural earth, wood-like designs are now infused into today's plastic furniture designs. With plastic, putting beauty and practicality together is a very easy option. Probably the cheapest among all other types of furniture, yet a very worthy investment, plastic chairs do not require a great deal of care. Washing it with soap and water once in a while would do just fine, and perhaps some chlorine and a little brushing is the most you can get involved in terms of maintaining plastic chairs. White may have to be cleaned more often than other shades, but the color's appeal is definitely worth the little effort which isn't anything you can't manage. The wonderful thing about white is the clean serene feeling it creates, beautifying even the simplest backyard or garden.

Plastic Patio Chairs

However, the versatility of white can take this furniture from beaches, picnic parties, garden weddings and anywhere. They're fun, lightweight, convenient and with most plastic chairs in stackable designs, they're very easy to transport. This furniture makes it a suitable choice both for indoor and outdoor setting. Another great advantage of stackable plastic chairs is the amount of space you can save. As you can stack everything on top of each other, keeping them away for a while would not require huge storage. A small space in any room or garage is enough to keep those chairs in place and have them ready anytime you need them again.

Stackable Plastic Patio Chairs - Beauty and Practicality For Your Outdoors


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2012-02-20 12:56:22 by MyThreeCents

Over in the "for sale - wanted" category. This is a global forum.
Also, have you asked all your neighbors if you can borrow their backyard patio furniture?
Check out the "free" category on the main board, comb through it see if anyone is giving away tables or chairs. If you don't mind an ecletic bunch of chairs, I'm sure you could score a few.
And if all else fails with regards to chairs (how many do you need by the way? Could you go get a few plastic ones at Costco or Target or something?) but perhaps just layout some nice blankets/fabric on the ground, make it more like a picinic atmosphere if you have to

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