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Posted on January 13, 2014 – 01:06 am
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Resin Patio Chairs - The Definition of Environmentally Friendly

Resin patio chairs are the ultimate in eco-friendly outdoor furniture available on the market today. What makes them such a wonderful product for the environment? They are made of recycled plastic bottles for one.

They also have a longer then average lifespan. The recycled HDPE plastic resin is purified and UV protected meaning you get the beautiful natural look of wood but, because resin patio chairs are made of this non-porous material, your outdoor furniture wont fade, rot, attract insects or mildew. No harsh cleaners are needed to keep your chairs looking like new - only a little soap and water. Stainless steel fittings wont break down and rust; and resin patio chairs can withstand the environment too. They are unaffected by sun, rain, wind, saltwater and chlorine, meaning you can leave them out year round in any climate.

Versatility and Durability

Resin patio chairs are versatile and available in many design and color variations. We are sure you will find the perfect resin patio chairs to fit your lifestyle.

One classic favorite is the porch swing. Where in your yard is the perfect place for this popular chair?

Adirondack styles are a timeless design that speaks of summer holidays, rest and relaxation. Transport yourself to days spent at the cottage by adding a few of these delightful outdoor chairs to your yard. Matching tables and footstools make the picture complete.

Space age construction means you get to space out too. Our reclining resin patio chairs will have you set on a direct course for inner space, peace and quiet. They are the perfect place to retire after youve completed mowing the lawn or weeding your flowerbeds. Durable enough to be left out in all seasons means one less chore on your Honey-Do list.


Try posting

2012-02-20 12:56:22 by MyThreeCents

Over in the "for sale - wanted" category. This is a global forum.
Also, have you asked all your neighbors if you can borrow their backyard patio furniture?
Check out the "free" category on the main board, comb through it see if anyone is giving away tables or chairs. If you don't mind an ecletic bunch of chairs, I'm sure you could score a few.
And if all else fails with regards to chairs (how many do you need by the way? Could you go get a few plastic ones at Costco or Target or something?) but perhaps just layout some nice blankets/fabric on the ground, make it more like a picinic atmosphere if you have to

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