Where can I get plastic garden furniture, resin patio chairs and table for under £40?

Posted on April 30, 2009 – 00:00
Plastic chairs for sale at asda, plastic chairs for sale at asda

Steal them from my house. But you're too late, some scumbucket already did it!!Try Loot, or charity furniture stores.
Where can I get plastic garden furniture, resin patio chairs and table for under £40?
if your in england why dont you try somewhere like wilkinsons, i'm in portsmouth and we've got a chain of shops called mr. cheap, try somewhere like that if youve got em near you.
Reply:Try B%26amp;Q or Homebase if you're in the UK....they have some quite good deals on at the moment on garden furniture!!

If you're not in the UK then I can't help!! lol
Reply:places like Tesco, Asda, Poundstretchers, Wilkinsons, usually have plastic furniture in as well as wooden ones. I think you may find it's a bit late in the season now to buy as most of the shops are getting their Xmas stuff out on the shelves. You could ask though at any of these stores as they may have them in the back of the shop in storage.
Reply:Walmart or your neighbor's house when they are out of town.
Reply:pound stretchers.

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I feel your pain.

2005-07-08 16:10:00 by dishin

I am a full-time working mom too. If you grow things under your nose, you can make this work.
I propagate in three places:
I borrowed a side table from one of the outdoor chairs and set a plastic tray on it full of things I am rooting. It is mostly in filtered sunlight. The key thing is that it is near the hose and on the way from the car to the house. I am forced ot look at these very time I walk by so it is easy to give them a drink when they need it. If I am terribly rushed, I fill the tray with water and let the pots suck it up themselves. Obvisouly, that would be less successful if it weren't so warm out

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