The ABC of Outdoor Chaise Lounge Frames

Posted on May 24, 2013 – 00:00

The world of outdoor décor has evolved tremendously over the years and one of the ubiquitous features in contemporary models is the outdoor chaise lounge. With homeowners appreciating the need for maximum relaxation, these chairs are now a must-have. Durability is always an issue when it comes to outdoor furniture and one of the major determinants of this is the frame you choose. There are basically four main types of frames namely; wicker, wood, metal and of course industrial plastic. Here is a breakdown to help you in buying;

Wood Frames
Wood is the most common due to its versatility, especially in terms of design formulation. Wood is also considered easy to maintain and the commonly used wood type is teak and eucalyptus. These are weather resistant and typically add a classical look to your outdoor environment. Wood frames serve ideally in multiple settings including garden, patio, and pool among others.

Wicker Frames
Wicker is also commonly used though a lot of caution is required on your side. It is always good to research on the durability of the specific brand of outdoor chaise lounge you are buying to determine whether previous customers can vouch for the durability of wicker frames. It is also crucial to select a wicker frame that is covered with resin to make it weather resistant. This also makes it easier to maintain. One major advantage of wicker frames for outdoor chairs is the variety of color blends that you can choose from in order to suit your outdoor décor theme.

Metal Frames
Over the last few decades, the metal outdoor chaise lounge has consistently competed with other types of chairs and if you want a contemporary look, this is the frame to buy. For starters, you have the option of lightweight frames such as aluminum with its unique designs which can blend with your outdoor theme. These chairs are easy to move from one area to another while other metal frames might be permanent due to their weight. When buying metal frames, always ensure you get guarantees on the coating to avoid rust especially around pool areas.


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