The Homemade Diva: Painted Plastic Outdoor Chairs

Posted on June 7, 2013 – 00:00

It seems like almost everyone has a couple of these plastic outdoor chairs. I know I do.

We "inherited"ours when the previous owners at our old house left four of them behind. They also left the matching plastic dining table.

The table went the way of the garbage truck, but I hung on to the chairs. You never know when you're gonna need extra seating, right?

Mine barely ever got used. They were so dingy and dirty that I was embarrassed for people to see them, let alone sit on them!

But now that I'm sprucing up my backyard, I decided to bring these babies out into the open (after a makeover, of course)!

What does that mean? Spray paint to the rescue!

Here's how they turned out -

I love the look of furniture with "dipped" legs, so I decided to do that and alternate chair colors.

Just because you have ugly white chairs, doesn't mean they have to stay ugly and white. These chairs are ready for a party! :o)

Got spray paint?


I feel your pain.

2005-07-08 16:10:00 by dishin

I am a full-time working mom too. If you grow things under your nose, you can make this work.
I propagate in three places:
I borrowed a side table from one of the outdoor chairs and set a plastic tray on it full of things I am rooting. It is mostly in filtered sunlight. The key thing is that it is near the hose and on the way from the car to the house. I am forced ot look at these very time I walk by so it is easy to give them a drink when they need it. If I am terribly rushed, I fill the tray with water and let the pots suck it up themselves. Obvisouly, that would be less successful if it weren't so warm out

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