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Posted on October 16, 2013 – 04:26 pm

“Sookie, ” One of Jaci’s Dogs.

From Jaci Fox – Evenings 7:00 – 12:00

It is HOT. Way too hot to leave your dog or any animals,or children in the car while you go about your business and run errands. IT. IS. DANGEROUS.

If the common sense factor isn’t enough to scare some into leaving pups at home on hot days,then perhaps getting arrested will. Two women were arrested within a week for doing just that in Cleveland Heights.JaciSummer13_124x75

Read about the arrests here.

I realize there are those who like to take to their dogs everywhere with them. I believe wholeheartedly in bringing along your dog as it supports a well balanced pup,however,if you’re not able to take them into the store,building,workplace,wherever with you,they are safer at home out of the heat.

And if you’re still not convinced that your dog shouldn’t be left in the car,here’s a little chart that shows you what happens when you lock the car door and walk away.

Car Temperature Chart Courtesy of via Facebook

Always remember to limit your dog’s exposure to extreme heat,if outside with you,provide them with a shaded area and lots of water. A plastic kiddie pool is a great thing to have too.Car Temperature Chart Courtesy of via FacebookAlways have plenty of fresh water on hand indoors as well. I often have a lot to do outside,and my dogs of course want to be with me,however,if I break a sweat within minutes of stepping out into the heat wave,imagine what it’s like to be wearing a winter coat in these temperatures. Not fun. So I watch them closely. I usually call them and send them inside after 15 minutes.

Other ways to enjoy the summer and keep your dogs cool,give them limited amounts of ice during the heat wave (my dogs love ice so much that every time we get ice for our drinks,the dogs are right there,begging for a cube or two). Swimming is always a great idea,but be sure to bathe your dog after swimming in fresh water as the bacteria can make them sick and/or give them skin infections.


Oh yes! I've had just about everything lol

2010-03-27 13:25:26 by a0b9c8d7

One of my favorite girls is an elderly crested splash silver Swedish; another is a completely blind mutt (possibly Ancona)- they're both in the ancient category, but they're pets so they've got a home for life here. Plus, my blind duck is my most reliable broody/foster mom. :)
My ducks are my "buggin' crew" for my orchard; they have free run of the place and control the bugs & weeds. I keep a small plastic kiddie pool for them, too- I just move it from tree to tree as it gets dirty, and all my trees get a shot of fertilizer & water in one dose. It's a very efficient

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