In over my head! Need some advice

Posted on October 7, 2013 – 01:32 pm

Re: In over my head! Need some advice

avoid common plecos unless you have a 55 gal or larger tank, get a bristlenose pleco they grow to about 4 inchs. watch craigslist or classafied adds for tanks you can get great deals here, sometimes people are even willing to give away a complete setup.
depending on the room you have basically anything that will hold water can be used as a makeshift tank, those clear plastic storage totes or even a small hard plastic kiddie pool will do but you'll need filtration that is a must for goldies since they produce alot of waste.

90 gallon, 1 Iridescent shark, 2 Pleco, 3 Goldfish, 5 Cory cats, 2 Nerite snails
5 gallon hex, Blue Crowntail Betta, 1 nerite snail,


Yes and no

2010-04-17 19:56:10 by bratcats

I get what you mean about pets and deep pools or small puppies and kittens with even a kiddie pool. However, we had an aussie/bc who absolutely loved the little plastic kiddie pool we had for her, especially on hot CA days. She liked to try to catch the pictures on the bottom. It was also our cats' preferred outside water source. In nearly 10 years none of them has drowned, but then unless they lay down in the thing it would be a little hard to do.

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They lived in plastic kiddie pools, birdbaths and tire swings. The first West Nile mosquitoes in Indiana were spotted in June. By September, Tippecanoe County had reported three human cases. Across the country, West Nile flourished.

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