Children's Plastic Wading Pools - The Best Deals on Portable Swimming Pools

Posted on December 14, 2011 – 00:00

Children's plastic wading pools are one of those things that you can buy once for cheap and then get years of great use from. Whether it's for escaping the summer heat in your backyard,keeping your children amused when they're home from school,or hosting your own pool party without paying hefty membership fees,getting a plastic kiddie pool is an inexpensive and portable solution that you can easily stow away when its not in use.Check out the season's best deals on childrens' wading pools.

Toddler Kiddie Snapset Plastic Wading Pool - $18.99

Here's a standard model plastic kiddie pool that can easily fit three young children at once. Printed with summer and beach themed creatures and bright colors,this is a simple,straightforward and enduring portable pool that will only cost you $18.99.

Just fill with your garden hose and enjoy.This kid's pool certainly beats pricey recurring memberships to your local pool,especially if your crew isn't the type to make the trip to the pool every day. Having a simple plastic swimming hole of your own makes it much quicker to splash around and cool down.

This plastic toddler pool is certainly one of the most affordable available at less than 20 bucks!

Umbrella Shaded Toddler's Step 2 Play Kiddie Pool -$60

A bit more pricey but certainly worth the upgrade,this toddler's outdoor pool is ideal for folks with younger children that like to splash around. The adjustable included umbrella allows your kids to play while being protected from UV rays and painful sunburns.

The best deal on this wading pool is currently $58,and it comes with the umbrella and everything you need to get started. Keep in mind that because this toddler pool is an outsized item,it must be shipped separately and you will have to put it together when you receive it,although this is simple to do.

The pool has two built-in kid's seats allowing your little one to splash and play in comfort and it also has a spinning wheel and funnel cups for added fun.

6 Foot Color Reef Print Plastic Wading Pool - $18

Here's a plastic children's wading pool that requires minimal hassle an assembly. Once you roll it out,you just fill it with water and it's ready for use. This is another cheap option at under $20,and it is brightly colored with an undersea-themed print.

You can easily fit two young pre-teen children in this pool and they'll still have room to splash around. One drawback of this particular wader is that it has a vinyl bottom which can be easily ruptured or punctured,especially if you set it up in an area with a lot of twigs,sticks or other sharp debris on the ground.

Although the company that manufactures the pool includes a patch kit with every purchase,it's recomended that you choose a flat,clear area,preferably on a soft patch of grass if possible,and lay a thick tarp underneath the wading pool so that its bottom doesn't get destroyed as easily.


Survival of the fittest...or best prepared

2005-11-23 23:07:02 by PDX_Bonsai_Guy

Soak the pots and soil.
Drain them till they are mostly done driping.
Take heavy plastic bags and set the pot in them - pull the top up to the base of the plant - loosly close with a twist tie or string. The key is Loose - not tight.
Put them in a bright - not direct sunlight spot and off you go.
The only thing you need to worry about is mold forming, but 6 weeks should be OK as long as the top allows for some venting, and they can still photosynthesize via the indirect, but bright light.
It's this, or get a kiddie-pool to put them in...

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