My Sunshine 6' Snap-Set Pool

Posted on October 1, 2013 – 11:14 am

3.6 out of 5★by 32reviewers.

1 out of 5★by Tear in seam at setup, DISAPPOINTING!! Went to set this pool up, much to the amazement of 3 small children, as I was filling it up with water, I noticed a wet spot on the side... the item ALREADY had a tear in the seam, out of the box! Thought, oh no, I wonder if it came with a patch... yes, it did, but its a clear patch like you patch up an inflateable, that's not going to work for a seam! Or anything like this, this pool has no inflateable parts. Very disappointed kids. Have this thrown into the back of the truck, taking it back tomorrow, hopefully will get my money back! DO NOT BUY! 06/14/2012

5 out of 5★by Raised Bed Pool I'm about to buy my 3rd pool to use as a raised bed. As long as I can keep hubby away from it with the weedeater I'll have a number of years of great use. I also leave them up all year long. 02/18/2013

4 out of 5★by Great pool for the price. It's a $12 pool and it works just fine. If you want better quality spend more money! 04/04/2013

5 out of 5★by Great kiddie pool for the $$$ I purchased this pool for my 4 year old son in the beginning of June and we have used it daily since then. It was cheap, easy to put up (I did it myself) and fairly sturdy once it is full. I also like that is is big enough for me to lounge in too :)It has gotten a few cracks in the side from changing the water so often (it needs to be cleaned often) but I just used the patch it came with.$11 for a summer of entertainment for my kids, can't beat it! 08/01/2012


Survival of the fittest...or best prepared

2005-11-23 23:07:02 by PDX_Bonsai_Guy

Soak the pots and soil.
Drain them till they are mostly done driping.
Take heavy plastic bags and set the pot in them - pull the top up to the base of the plant - loosly close with a twist tie or string. The key is Loose - not tight.
Put them in a bright - not direct sunlight spot and off you go.
The only thing you need to worry about is mold forming, but 6 weeks should be OK as long as the top allows for some venting, and they can still photosynthesize via the indirect, but bright light.
It's this, or get a kiddie-pool to put them in...

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