Resolved Question: Help! I can’t find the hard plastic kiddie pools anywhere!!!!!?

Posted on October 20, 2013 – 05:39 pm
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I just moved to Yuma, AZ and its hot here almost year around and I can’t find those blue hard plastic kiddie pools ANYWHERE! I need them for my dogs! I tried Walmart, Target, Toys r’ us, The dollar store, CVS, Fry’s grocery store and Leslie’s pool supply. I just about gave up. I know summer just ended so everyone got rid of there summer stuff. But there has got to be one somewhere! Anyone have any ideas? Greatly appreciated!

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    Survival of the fittest...or best prepared

    2005-11-23 23:07:02 by PDX_Bonsai_Guy

    Soak the pots and soil.
    Drain them till they are mostly done driping.
    Take heavy plastic bags and set the pot in them - pull the top up to the base of the plant - loosly close with a twist tie or string. The key is Loose - not tight.
    Put them in a bright - not direct sunlight spot and off you go.
    The only thing you need to worry about is mold forming, but 6 weeks should be OK as long as the top allows for some venting, and they can still photosynthesize via the indirect, but bright light.
    It's this, or get a kiddie-pool to put them in...

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