A Day In the Life Of A Chicken Keeper: Fish Pond Project

Posted on February 28, 2014 – 06:22 pm

Above Ground Koi Pond Project

I was browsing Pinterest one day and came across a photo of a cute little deck pond. Since we do not own our property as of yet,I didn't want to invest too much time and money on a big permanent in ground pond. I brought it up to Thor (my fiance who can build anything) just in passing one day before work. When I came home I had this waiting for me. I am so excited to be able to share how to make one for your deck or garden. We spent nothing out of pocket. Here it goes: Thor first looked through our scrap wood pile for pallet boards that all measured the same length. He used pieces from a friend's deck that they replaced...we took the old deck home. The deck measures:
Then we cut the bottom plastic lining from a kiddie pool we had from two summers ago to act as the pond liner. Using a staple gun (industrial not office size :) You could get a liner or thick plastic from any hardware store. Thor added some larger sized rocks from our yard to use for decoration. A simple filter we got off craigslist for $20...you do not need a filter if you donot have one yet,just keep your eye out for one during the summer months. It hlps keep it clean. And the blue piece is an old kitchen plastic bowl that he cut a hole in to place on top of the filter for the water feature. At the momnent we have 3 koi fish and 6 goldfish. Do not feed them during the winter as they hibernate when the water gets cold. When the water warms...feed them slowly. Once every 2-4 days then once a day as you see them become fully active again. Koi fish can become very tame,hand feed bread,fish food and other dried fish treats to get them used to you.
*Make sure your pond is on a sturday and level surface.

Source: ambercorp.blogspot.com

Ultra frugal rainwater storage ideas

2009-08-13 20:37:55 by AZ_Dude

We got 2 inches of rain in the past 3 days, my storage system was full after the first inch.
I added another 560 gallons today for $0.00 I just dug out an old kiddie pool and filled it from my tanks. An 8 foot diameter x 18 inch pool holds a bit over 560 gallons.
This time of year it should be fairly easy to find someone that wants to get rid of theirs or you can probably get one at Walmart etc. for $5 to $10.
There are some problems with open storage like this, mosquitoes being the biggest. I plan on dumping a goldfish in there as soon as I see some wigglers

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