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What’s Happening in RE This Sunday, April 29th?

by nbriscoe on April 25, 2012 See what exciting programming is in store for this Sunday!


This week’s lesson from our Chalice Children program is called “My World Has Sand and Soil”! We will explore the idea that every living thing depends on the soil under our feet! By examining and playing with sand and soil, we enable children to become more aware of the many aspects of the world around them.

Extending the topic:

Try these activities at home:

1. Read the following book as a family: “Muddigush” by Kimberly Knutson.

2. Play in the dirt! Get muddy! Put on some play clothes and make mud pies! Experience the joy of getting close to the Earth – REALLY close!

3. Visit the Dallas Nature Center or the Dallas Arboretum. Everything is in beautiful bloom right now, and the magic of how sunlight helps us to live is very apparent. Here are links to discover these great Dallas resources:

4. Plant a garden! This is a perfect time to get some good growing started! If you plant vegetables that you can eat, children will quickly learn about our connection with the dirt.

5. Build a sandbox in your backyard! You can also build a “portable” sandbox using anything from a small plastic container to a small kiddie pool. Pool Sand is inexpensive to purchase at Home Depot!



Children in Kindergarten and First Grade will explore a lesson called “Love Your Neighbor as Yourself”. This week, we will consider the concept that all people are our neighbors, no matter how different they may seem. We will learn that God wants us to love our neighbors as ourselves as well as offer help to children in need.

Extending the Topic:

Discuss the following points from the story and lesson with your family:

1. What do you think Jesus meant when he said, “Love They Neighbor”? And what did he mean when he said, “Go and Do Likewise”?

2. There are many cities, states, and countries in the world. Explore a map and think about how far away some people live. Do you think they life differently than we do? What languages do you think they speak? What are their schools like? What are their homes like? Do you think these people – even though they are so far away – are your neighbors?

3. There is an old tale about Buddha. I this tale, a follower asked him, “Who is the most important person?” and the Buddha replied, “The person who is standing in front of you.” What do you think this means? How does it relate to Jesus’ message of loving your neighbor?

4. How does your family practice loving your neighbor? What are some of the ways a family takes care of one another? What about the people outside your family? How do you show your love for them?

Extend the topic even further by trying the following activities:

Source: www.horizonuu.org

Ultra frugal rainwater storage ideas

2009-08-13 20:37:55 by AZ_Dude

We got 2 inches of rain in the past 3 days, my storage system was full after the first inch.
I added another 560 gallons today for $0.00 I just dug out an old kiddie pool and filled it from my tanks. An 8 foot diameter x 18 inch pool holds a bit over 560 gallons.
This time of year it should be fairly easy to find someone that wants to get rid of theirs or you can probably get one at Walmart etc. for $5 to $10.
There are some problems with open storage like this, mosquitoes being the biggest. I plan on dumping a goldfish in there as soon as I see some wigglers

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