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Posted on February 26, 2014 – 05:27 pm
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Housing turtles outdoors is possible. If just housing them outside for the summer (or all year in warmer climates), a children's wading pool or large plastic tub can be used. Tubs such as those used to water livestock may have a drain in them to make cleaning easier. Be sure that the sides are high enough, as sliders can climb surprisingly well. It should have some rocks or logs so that the turtle can bask and dry out. It should be located in an area where there is sun and shade throughout the day so that it can have a choice of temperatures.

A pond can also be set up, but this is a bit more complicated. You will need to consult a book on ponds for the details on how to properly construct one. Turtles can climb out or dig their way out, so it is likely that your animal will take a hike (literally!) You must put a fence around the pond and it must be buried deep enough that the turtle cannot escape. It also should have enough dirt/mud around it so that the turtle can burrow in for the winter.

It is advisable to cover the pond or pool as well, since predators such as raccoons or cats can make a meal of your turtle. You can construct a frame to fit the size of your habitat and then cover it with screen.

During the summer months I take the turtles outside and let them hang out in a small kiddie pool. They really seem to love the larger swimming space and the unfiltered sun. We just stick a few rocks in the pool and they bask away all day. We place a piece of green plastic fencing over the pool to avoid the possibility of the turtles climbing out of the pool or the dog grabbing one and running off with it :) I'm sure chicken wire would work just as well.

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One of the many reasons

2009-06-25 07:16:43 by Hatch-ing909

I am looking forward to having children. lol Kiddie pools!!! As long as you have kids, you don't seem so silly sitting in 4 inches of water in a big blue plastic pool. lmao
Do you think I could get away with a tower fan in the baby's room? I wanted to get an oscillating fan for the room for air circulation, would the tower be as effective?
And drink LOTs of water momma. It helps with the swelling. That and cranberry juice. It's only going to get hotter now. BLAH

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