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Posted on February 22, 2014 – 05:05 pm

We’ve got a pretty standard, run-of-the-mill cantilevered umbrella on our deck, which provides enough shade to cover our extremely stylish pink plastic kiddie pool, and the sitting area for the unlucky adult who gets stuck supervising a splashy child. It’s nice and all, but I recently ran across a really cool, unique umbrella at Pier One and I yearned for the day when I can have a beautiful back deck that’s not cluttered with children’s toys.

Here is the Pier1 umbrella I liked, plus 5 others that caught my eye. Which is your favorite? I’m partial to #5. That tiny bird on the top is killing me!

Patio Umbrellas

1. Chili Pagoda Umbrella, Pier1 $159

2. Flamenco Umbrella, Santa Barbara Umbrellas

3. Hula Umbrella, Amazon $68

4. Frou Frou Parasol, Frontgate $5, 495

5. Droog Shady Parasol, Wayfair $531

6. Aruba Carousel Umbrella, Frontgate $995

Like this:

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I wouldn't use ramps...

2009-02-18 18:17:43 by ickie

You are probably thinking of the ferret cage i had for my sons chinchillas.
because of the piggies shape, they aren't really good climbers. long long bodies and really itty bitty short legs make it awkward.
if you don't have a cat, why not try one of those molded hard plastic kiddie pools? we had that for piggies...until the cat came along.
now, about that friend. all we've ever had were females. when we put cuppie in with emmie, they did a little bouncing popping jump type thing which is called popcorning...means they're perfectly happy with each other.

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