Molded Plastic Kiddie Pool Swiimming Pool For My Lab??

Posted on September 12, 2013 – 03:22 am
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Swiimming pool for my lab?? - molded plastic kiddie pool

Here is the problem, I have a labrador water dependent, and no wonder! But the neighbors are a few of these fish ponds and ornamental luxury, and thinks my lab, he can plop on them, not a good thing. I bought one of these pools for children in hard plastic, which prevents them from entering the pond to a certain extent. But he wants to and placed in water and paddling are just not deep enough. I thought one of the ponds receive decorative hard plastic molded to my lab, because it is deep enough, the problem is that the filter goes in and I see the last minute now! Fortunately neightbors not yet broken! Has anyone a better idea or know how, or whether there is a pond with a filter outside the pond? Do not tell me keep my dog in my garden ... when the dog plays with the neighbors.


I wouldn't use ramps...

2009-02-18 18:17:43 by ickie

You are probably thinking of the ferret cage i had for my sons chinchillas.
because of the piggies shape, they aren't really good climbers. long long bodies and really itty bitty short legs make it awkward.
if you don't have a cat, why not try one of those molded hard plastic kiddie pools? we had that for piggies...until the cat came along.
now, about that friend. all we've ever had were females. when we put cuppie in with emmie, they did a little bouncing popping jump type thing which is called popcorning...means they're perfectly happy with each other.

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