Just Add Water: Kiddie Pool

Posted on February 28, 2011 – 00:00
Swampy run?

Sometimes I feel like someone threw me into a pool. I am screaming, thrashing, flailing, and sputtering only to hear them say, " Just stand up !" Only then do I realize that I am in the shallow end of the pool. The only real threat is the one I pose to myself. Remember those little plastic kiddie pools of your youth? While we are in the middle of a relentless cold freeze, I find myself dreaming of sitting in one with a book and an Iced Tea during the sweltering hot days of summer! It sounds quite ideal! For one, I can afford a $20. pool. Secondly, My book is less likely to get soaked in such a small amount of water. Third, I wouldn't have to worry about pond creatures. ( leeches, water snakes, eels, dragon flies, wasps, the slippery, mucky pond bottom.) Last but not least, I wouldn't have to put myself in an awkward position by revealing my bathing suit clad body around to the masses. I could be quite content to while my hours away in that small, plastic pool with my wetsuit on while never leaving my backyard!. In my heart of hearts I know that I need to reach for something bigger than myself. I am not saying that bigger is better. What I mean is that I know I shouldn't limit myself at the expense of missing out on all the wonderful, awe inspiring adventures out there in the big ocean of life. I need to shed off the old ways of thinking and my wetsuit of vulnerability. I need to let go of my inflatable swims of fear and lack of confidence. I have a feeling I am going to make a BIG splash!

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Yes and no

2010-04-17 19:56:10 by bratcats

I get what you mean about pets and deep pools or small puppies and kittens with even a kiddie pool. However, we had an aussie/bc who absolutely loved the little plastic kiddie pool we had for her, especially on hot CA days. She liked to try to catch the pictures on the bottom. It was also our cats' preferred outside water source. In nearly 10 years none of them has drowned, but then unless they lay down in the thing it would be a little hard to do.

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