New York City FreeCycle: [FCNYC] OFFER: Large Kiddie Pool

Posted on November 23, 2013 – 06:43 am
Shalimar Motel located in Wildwood, NJ. Kiddie Pool with a bridge


I have a large (6 foot diameter x 15 inch deep) kiddie pool that has been used once, and still has the original box. It's the kind with the vinyl bottom, and plastic sides. It rolls up to the size of small sleeping bag when not in use.

Easy pickup from doorman building on Jane Street in the West Village.


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2005-01-26 15:20:02 by Katycatz

My fam had these...
1. Kiddie party at local pizza place..with kid gym inside
2. Clown party
3. Family party..usually thats enough excitement for a 2 year old.
3. In summertime...a pool party with family (we had large family)
4. Movie local theater..with a childs movie (Walt Diz..usually).
5. And...prob. lots of books in book store with more ideas for you.
Have fun!!

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