The dog days of summer

Posted on October 27, 2013 – 07:17 pm
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Back in May, I bought a wading pool for our dog, Gracie. Since she’s a black lab mix, she tends to get really hot when we walk her in the summer heat, and I thought if she had a pool to lie in after our walks, she could cool down faster.

So I watched the sale flyers, and as soon as I saw a hard plastic wading pool advertised, I went to the store to get one.

“I need a pool for our dog, ” I explained to the saleswoman as I studied the 4’ and 6’ diameter pools. “She’s too big to stretch out in the smaller one here, so I’ll take the larger one.” Realizing that it would not fit into the trunk of my Camry, I asked her if someone could help me secure it to my car roof for the ride home. She assured me I could get help.

She was wrong. The store prohibited employees from helping customers strap things to their car roofs because of liability issues. She did offer me all the twine I wanted, however.

I looked at the 6’ diameter pool laying on the parking lot asphalt next to my car. The pool was bigger than the car’s roof.

“I can do this, ” I told myself, heaving the pool on top of my car and beginning to thread the twine over the pool and through my car windows. By the time I was done, it looked like a monster spider had spun a web over my car.

No problem. The pool was secure.

Until my car speed reached 15 mph.

Then the pool bucked and shuddered on my roof and began to slide sideways. I hit my emergency blinkers, pulled off the road and tightened the twine. I took back roads home, drove under 10 mph, and kept my blinkers on.

“Gracie better appreciate this, ” I muttered as I inched home. And then the twine broke and the pool flew off the car.

I looked at the pool lying in the road behind me. Thankfully, the road was empty and no oncoming car had been attacked by my dog’s wading pool. I pulled over again, turned off the car and walked back to retrieve the pool.

“I cannot believe I am doing this, ” I said as I lifted the 6’ diameter pool off the road and returned to the car. I examined my twine, which was shredded into several pieces, and debated what to do.


Kiddie Swimming Pool

2005-04-14 10:46:42 by castromama

I know this isn't what you want for the birth but if you're still planning on having one of the other tubs and just need a back up you might just try one of the kiddie swimming pools available at places like ToysRUs. Our midwife has had quite a few of her clients use these tubs instead of the Aqua Doula, either because no tubs were available or they couldn't afford to pay the rental fee. The tubs she suggests are the hard plastic kind and then you just fill with hot water. Because there is no heater unit you just keep water boiling on the stove to add as needed.
I'm not in the LA area so I don't have any recs for actual tubs but if nothing else works out you might try the above suggestion as your back up

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