"Startups, Kegs, Tequila Avion, Kiddie Swimming Pools, VCs & Optional Swimsuits"

Posted on November 4, 2013 – 08:27 pm

That was the text of an email that was forwarded to me yesterday from a prominent venture capitalist here in Boston. At first I was afraid,hell I was petrified of scrolling down to read the rest of the email but that was it...

After a few moments of blindly staring out the window of the MassChallenge office,it finally clicked.

The weather in Boston is supposed to top 100 degrees on Thursday and many brave employees from the tech community will be working outside ALL day. These employees are used to working in t-shirts behind multiple monitors in the comfort of cool office air conditioning. But not tomorrow.

These employees have dedicated their time to help make Boston a better place. They will be braving the scorching heat to work on several charity projects in the greater Boston area.And what better way to cool down than "startups,kegs,Tequila Avion,kiddie swimming pools,VCs and optional swimsuits."

Need more? Probably. We have partnered with Technology Underwriting Greater Good (TUGG) and Boston Cares to host NewEngland’s first TechGives Back citizenship day and after party on Thursday,June 9th. After a hard day of work,there will be an after party at the Citi Performing Arts Center (formerWang Theater). Your $25 ticket provides you with free food and drink(wine,beer and Avion — the tequila featured in popular HBO televisionseries Entourage),live band entertainment,andobviously Boston’s brightest innovators as company. All proceeds fromyour ticket go straight to the startup non-profits TUGG supports.

While we have helped put on this event,this is certainly the first time we are hearing of kiddie pools and a loose dress code. I know the heat can make folks a little crazy but are we really ready for a nude flash mob with Boston's startup community?

I say why not. So come get your TUGG on and beat the heat at the Tech Gives Back after party on Thursday night. You don't want to miss out.

Source: bostinno.streetwise.co

Kiddie Swimming Pool

2005-04-14 10:46:42 by castromama

I know this isn't what you want for the birth but if you're still planning on having one of the other tubs and just need a back up you might just try one of the kiddie swimming pools available at places like ToysRUs. Our midwife has had quite a few of her clients use these tubs instead of the Aqua Doula, either because no tubs were available or they couldn't afford to pay the rental fee. The tubs she suggests are the hard plastic kind and then you just fill with hot water. Because there is no heater unit you just keep water boiling on the stove to add as needed.
I'm not in the LA area so I don't have any recs for actual tubs but if nothing else works out you might try the above suggestion as your back up

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