Small, kiddie pools just as dangerous as full-size pools

Posted on July 20, 2013 – 18:03
Swan Activity Pool - Backyard Ocean

LEE COUNTY, Fla. - The Lee County Sheriff's Office says four children at Smith Family Daycare were left alone in a small kiddie pool when two-year-old Christian Byrd drowned June 24th. According to the Sheriff's Office, Smith left the children unattended for five to seven minutes. When she found the little boy, he was unresponsive.

Swimming experts say small, portable pools can be just as dangerous as full-size pools. The journal pediatrics found that one child in the U.S. dies in a portable pool every five days during the warm-weather months.

"Children can fall over, " swimming coach Jane Roberts said. "All they need to do is slip. They only need a couple of inches of water. They can bang their head on the bottom of the pool."

Roberts, owner of Swimmers in South Fort Myers said pool owners need fences and door with locks and alarms. But, the danger goes beyond the swimming pool. Anything that carries water is a potential hazard.

"Even things like buckets and toilets, you know people leave the toilet seat up, " Roberts said. "Babies can fall in there and not get back up again. Lots of rain around, puddles and buckets of water in the yard. Things we don't even think about. Children are so inquisitive."

When the kids are done playing with the pool, Roberts said to empty the pool and flip it. A daily rain storm can fill it back up.

"We live in Florida, " Roberts said. "There's so much water. It's just being aware and never leaving a child alone."


Kiddie Pools needed for Gardening Non-Profit

2007-11-14 12:49:29 by GrowingGardens

I work for the non-profit Growing Gardens in NE Portland. We are looking for 45" diameter kiddie pools for our spring Container Gardening program. The 60" ones would be OK as well.
Does anyone have one of these laying around or know a friend who does? Or do you know of a store that may be interested in donating them? We do not have money in our budget to purchase them.
Thank you!!

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