Redoing It with DIY and PSE: I’m not Kidding Pool

Posted on December 23, 2013 – 09:38 pm

I’m not Kidding Pool

It’s always hot over at the Karmic Kitchen, but with this heat wave, Shamy was suggesting a solution to the oppressive high temperatures might be a kiddie pool full of ice, which reminded me of this:

kiddy pool, kiddie pool, hard plastic When Tanner was about 3, we had one of those little hard plastic kiddie pools.

Ryan had set it up for him in the backyard, but there was too much sun, so he moved it to the front.

Tanner begs and begs Ryan to get in the pool with him. Ryan tries telling him that the pool just isn’t big enough, but Tanner will have none of that. After more pleading and whining, Ryan decides to get in and he squeezes into the tiny pool with Tanner.

Suddenly, Tanner scrambles out of the pool and takes off like a shot for the backyard. Literally seconds later and before Ryan can chase after him, our neighbor, the Blue Springs South High School cheerleading coach, drives by in a convertible Mustang full of high school cheerleaders, slowing down to point and stare at Ryan, sitting shirtless, beer in hand, in the kiddy pool in our front yard, all alone.

One of his proudest moments!


Kiddie Swimming Pool

2005-04-14 10:46:42 by castromama

I know this isn't what you want for the birth but if you're still planning on having one of the other tubs and just need a back up you might just try one of the kiddie swimming pools available at places like ToysRUs. Our midwife has had quite a few of her clients use these tubs instead of the Aqua Doula, either because no tubs were available or they couldn't afford to pay the rental fee. The tubs she suggests are the hard plastic kind and then you just fill with hot water. Because there is no heater unit you just keep water boiling on the stove to add as needed.
I'm not in the LA area so I don't have any recs for actual tubs but if nothing else works out you might try the above suggestion as your back up

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