...and baby makes three: Hiatus is over!

Posted on August 23, 2013 – 08:56 pm

...and three months later, a new post! Can't imagine what I've been doing with myself these past few months. The summer is here...so the heat is around us, baking like an oven until we are dehydrated and crispy. I spend all of my time indoors or in my car with the A/C. We bought Kate a little kiddie plastic pool to cool off in but it's just so hot I don't even want to go out there to fill it up...let alone sit there while she plays. I do have her enrolled in swim lessons at our gym. It's only 1 day a week and it's a basic intro class so there's a lot of 'kick, kick, kick' and 'scoop arms' and bubbles. I don't think we necessarily need lessons for that but at least it makes me go.

She's also in a little dance class at the gymnastics place down the street. Dance class meaning a bunch of toddlers running and bouncing around to music taught by a 16 yr old. It's a free class though and it's inside so no complaints here. They do also provide little tutus to borrow for those that want to wear them and twirl around. Kate of course makes a B line for the tub of tutus the second we walk in the door.

This is a puffy vest that was sent in a hand-me-down box from her cousins. She LOVED wearing the puffy vest, and still does...poor girl. Too bad we live in a city with no snow...or cold weather for that matter. I guess we'll have to go find some soon before she grows out of it.

Baby's first lollipop. Might be her last. It was a hot, sticky mess. I'll think hard about it the next time.

Wearing her Aunt's vintage romper that's about 35 years old. I don't think you could find a better summertime outfit!

Wearing her shades inside, naked. Very necessary on a hot, sticky day like that day!

Happy 4th of July! This girl loved the sparklers!

...and the watermelon too.

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Intex Giant Inflatable Kiddie Pool - Family and Kids Inflatable Rectangular Pool - 10 Feet Long (120" X 72" X 20")
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Kiddie Swimming Pool

2005-04-14 10:46:42 by castromama

I know this isn't what you want for the birth but if you're still planning on having one of the other tubs and just need a back up you might just try one of the kiddie swimming pools available at places like ToysRUs. Our midwife has had quite a few of her clients use these tubs instead of the Aqua Doula, either because no tubs were available or they couldn't afford to pay the rental fee. The tubs she suggests are the hard plastic kind and then you just fill with hot water. Because there is no heater unit you just keep water boiling on the stove to add as needed.
I'm not in the LA area so I don't have any recs for actual tubs but if nothing else works out you might try the above suggestion as your back up

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And small, inflatable kiddie pools aren't immune to these risks: Did you know that a baby can drown in as little as one inch of water? Simple practices—such as using proper flotation devices and water alarms, emptying kiddie pools daily, and knowing ..

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