The Fullcurl of Life: Autumn Update

Posted on July 28, 2010 – 00:00

Lot's of Autumn-ness going on here. Deer season is in full swing,opening day of sheep season is 13 days away,and our little girl keeps getting sweeter every day.I heard some grandmas were having withdrawls so I got some more pics up on flickr.I never would have guessed 10 years ago that I would someday be the proud owner of a cheap plastic kiddie pool. It was worth the too much money.Autumn loves it. We just about had to force her to quit playing even as she shivered as the evening cooled.

Haz-mat Autumn. If you wait for nice weather in SE you'll never get to use your awesome full body rain slicker.

We spent a Sunny Sunday at the beach last week. Fun.


One of the many reasons

2009-06-25 07:16:43 by Hatch-ing909

I am looking forward to having children. lol Kiddie pools!!! As long as you have kids, you don't seem so silly sitting in 4 inches of water in a big blue plastic pool. lmao
Do you think I could get away with a tower fan in the baby's room? I wanted to get an oscillating fan for the room for air circulation, would the tower be as effective?
And drink LOTs of water momma. It helps with the swelling. That and cranberry juice. It's only going to get hotter now. BLAH

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