Posted on February 13, 2014 – 11:50 am

Hello Everyone, The first meeting on the Pittsburgh Poultry Association (PPA) went very well. The main focus of this meeting was to discuss the proposed legislation put forward by the staff at the Zoning Commission. Below is what we came up with, if anyone would like to add or make suggestions please let me know.

General: Items like chicken tractors and eglus are not mentioned in the code, so we are going to suggest such items be excluded from set back requires as they are not permanent structures, and because they are designed to be moved from spot to spot on your property they would also be exempt from the housing and run sizes.

General: It was discussed that the definition of Poultry was too vague (i.e. chickens need less space than turkeys). The size cut off of 12 lbs was discussed as a definition instead of filling the code with the names of different species. The suggestions below are based on 12lbs and under, I am currently researching restrictions for 12lbs - ??lbs (high end of the turkey weight limit) anything larger than a large turkey (ie emu) would be considered livestock. Also, ducks require water, most people use kiddie pools for this. Codifying ducks having access to water is to make sure people supply their ducks with water and I don't think 'kiddie pool' is proper code speak, so I am looking into the average size of one of those blue plastic kiddie pools. If anyone has that info, please let me know!

General: The suggested code refers to other code requiring fees of $300+ to have poultry. We will be requesting this be waived unless your intent is to sell the eggs or birds (but not as meat, that gets into FDA code).

Article 7: Required a detailed plot plan: If any of the structures being built do not require building permits, then there should not be a need to submit a plot plan. This should be handled by the Bureau of Building Inspection.

Source: www.pittsburghpoultry.com

One of the many reasons

2009-06-25 07:16:43 by Hatch-ing909

I am looking forward to having children. lol Kiddie pools!!! As long as you have kids, you don't seem so silly sitting in 4 inches of water in a big blue plastic pool. lmao
Do you think I could get away with a tower fan in the baby's room? I wanted to get an oscillating fan for the room for air circulation, would the tower be as effective?
And drink LOTs of water momma. It helps with the swelling. That and cranberry juice. It's only going to get hotter now. BLAH

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