Puppy Frapping

Posted on August 17, 2013 – 04:54 pm
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We brought out the hard plastic kiddie pool and filled it up with water. We sat it in the grass where the concrete walkway & sidewalk meet to accommodate corgi legs. Blue went nuts. She got in it, sat down, layed down, rolled in it, then started snapping at the water. She played a few minutes in it then started running around the yard. She would run under the porch steps, circle the tree, run around the people pool, run under the 5th wheel, run up the porch steps to shake water on me, then take a running dive in the kiddie pool. After a few minutes of lying in the pool catching her breath, she would make another round. Poor Memphis just hid behind my legs. He knows when Blue is frapping, it usually means he's going to get rolled. He's not too fond of water but ended up getting wet from Blue's shaking.

I can't believe how much Blue likes the water, she even likes the spray park we take her to for small children socialization.

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Seriously does NE1 know where to take a 2yr old?

2008-08-07 13:47:50 by CuriosityKtC

My kid has a ton of energy and it is over 100 degrees outside in Vegas.
Chuckie Cheese rules b/c it is inside (AIRCONDITIONING) and my son loves running around and pushing the buttons. Also, it is really clean ( a much better alternative than McD's). The water park at the Multi-Gen is one of the best kiddie pools I've seen, but come on! I need somewhere else to take my little man.
Pardon my "poor grammar and spelling". I didn't know I needed to fine tune my "chat room" typing skills before posting a simple question on a parenting forum in Craigslist. If you can get through my dribble and provide any useful information it would be much appreciated.

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