The O'Hara Family: Great Exuma, Bahamas

Posted on July 26, 2008 – 00:00

Great Exuma, Bahamas

As we did last year, we enjoyed a work retreat with Tim's colleagues at an exotic location. This year, it was Great Exuma Island in the Bahamas.
Although we knew enough to get Rory a passport, we admittedly couldn't have placed Great Exuma on a map before making the trek to this island paradise. We were treated to gorgeous views, turquoise water, and the best kiddie pools Rory had ever seen.
Rory and her Mommy really spent the bulk of their time at the pool. (Wouldn't you?)
Rory and her Daddy ventured down to the beach a few times, but Rory would prompty declare "all done" and point Daddy back to the pool.
Yeah, this kid enjoyed her stay in the Bahamas. A big part of the fun for Rory was that there were dozens of other kids her age at the pool each day. Andrew was her favorite pool companion.

Andrew and his Mommy would join the O'Hara girls for lunch most days.
Here, Rory plays with one of the older girls, Hannah, who took a special liking to Rory (and vice versa).
The other big attraction to the pool were the cool turtles ...
... and cabanas.
Unfortunately, with all that time in the hot Bahama sun, Rory experienced her first sunburn. Ouch! (She also came down with swimmer's ear on the last day.)
So, Rory had to content herself with a few hours each day in her room. Fortunately, the blinds facilitated endless games of "peek-a-boo".
When Daddy was holed up in seminars each morning, Rory and Mommy would lounge at the pool and the seaside grill.
The activity and sea air gave Rory a hearty appetite!
Fortunately, despite the work-related nature of the trip, Daddy was able to relax as well. (Who couldn't here?)
The highlight of the trip was a beach barbeque ... island music, fruity cocktails, grilled lobster, cool breezes, dozens of beach-crazy kids, a hundred fun-loving adults, and all the milk Rory could drink!
"Smile Rory!"
That we were traveling with lots of other families (with young kids) made the plane rides and layovers tolerable for the adults and fun for the kids ...
... but the real trick was bringing our carseat on the plane, as well as plenty of videos!


Seriously does NE1 know where to take a 2yr old?

2008-08-07 13:47:50 by CuriosityKtC

My kid has a ton of energy and it is over 100 degrees outside in Vegas.
Chuckie Cheese rules b/c it is inside (AIRCONDITIONING) and my son loves running around and pushing the buttons. Also, it is really clean ( a much better alternative than McD's). The water park at the Multi-Gen is one of the best kiddie pools I've seen, but come on! I need somewhere else to take my little man.
Pardon my "poor grammar and spelling". I didn't know I needed to fine tune my "chat room" typing skills before posting a simple question on a parenting forum in Craigslist. If you can get through my dribble and provide any useful information it would be much appreciated.

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