Sofia's CDH Story: June Recap

Posted on March 28, 2014 – 10:38 pm

June Recap - The Fun Stuff

So now that you've read The Meat and Potatoes, it's time for The Fun Stuff.Kenny and I both kicked off the summer with separate trips to Vegas for bachelor and bachelorette parties, respectively. We both had a blast, but no - neither one of us woke up with a tiger in our room, or a mystery baby named Carlos in the closet.

Now flashback to...well I won't say. But when Kenny was 4 months old, his Mom and Dad took a trip to Vegas and brought back some pants for Baby Kenny to Miraculously Kenny's Mom found them, and Sofie could still squeeze her wee baby behind into them. I give you Exhibit A:

Priceless! And to clarify, that does indeed say "crappy" at the bottom all stretched out. And those are dice. Those pants are holding on for dear life. Love it.

It got H.O.T. hot here in June, so Sofie and I became pool rats. We hit several area pools while I searched endlessly for one of those cheapo, hard plastic kiddie pools. You know, the ones that you see every single year of your life that you have absolutely no use for until you have a toddler that needs a pool, and then POOF! they're nowhere to be found?!? Yeah those.

So after more Targets, Walmarts, Big Lots, Lowes, Home Depots, and Dollar Stores than I can count (and probably about $75 in gas), I gave up and bought an inflatable pool - which I expected to last about a week before becoming a victim of one of our water-loving, pool-popping pooches. I was pleasantly surprised that it lasted two full weeks.

That fateful morning I had just filled it with sparkling clean water and then dragged the hose around to the side of the house, only to return approximately 45 seconds later to a completely brown pool with a skim layer of dog hair on top. And a wet Lola laying on the deck. Geez I wonder what could have happened.

Luckily, the day after I had given up and bought the inflatable pool, my friend Erin had spied some of the coveted hard plastic pools at a Walmart about 30 minutes from my house. It had been two weeks. We needed to move fast. We drove out to that Walmart, hoping to snag one, but they were sold out. Of course they were! BUT they called another Walmart and they had some, so we drove on - through construction, during rush hour, and past two accidents. At 5 miles per hour. 3 1/2 short hours after leaving our house, we returned with one hard plastic kiddie pool. That was about two weeks ago, and since then it has rained almost every day, so we have yet to swim in it. Here's a little slideshow of Sofie's pool time. Pics follow that you can click on to enlarge.

Next up...July Adventures!


They do make bigger plastic pools

2011-03-26 17:20:44 by phrannie

Than the one you have in the pic. If you get a trough, you're going to have bury it some so the dog can get into it. They make hard plastic ones...50 gallon and 100 gallon...and they run $50 to $150. The 100 gallon one would probably be too deep.
I'd check for the large sized plastic pool like you have there at Walmart or's big enough for my dog lay down in, and he's 130 lbs.

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