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Posted on April 25, 2010 – 00:00
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Fortune , my thoughts

April 26, 2010 at 2:42 am

School is almost over im sad . I love it . but anyway i was thinking about what i want to do for the fellowship . im thinking about buying a canopy and covering itwith canvas and that will be my freedom room . I want to put like one of those small hard plastic pools and put tempra paint in it .. it sounds fun . I want to paint my legs too, sort of like henna style but with colors .. I think im extreemly weird , but i guesse its ok, atleast im true to myself , but i sometimes feel lke i am living in a completely diffrent world than others.

I just got off the phone with my friends mother , She had jut come back from the Moma and wanted me to explain to her why there were naked people there ( Marina Abromivic ) Why is this art ? what is she trying to tell people ? does she think its ok to cut urself like that ? .. I tried to answers these qustions she had but some ppl just cant see things in the way that i see things . I totaly understood the exhibit . I loved it ..I could be because of all that I have been researching this year about woman artisrt and the aart feminist movement and performance art , that made me appreciate it .. but its weird because i think she is amazing , i have such enthusiasim for her work , i loved every single part of it … but why .. ..or my qustionis , why dont other people understand it like i did . here is were my insecurities are . im scared of being the only one that thinks like this , though i love it , .. i just never fit in but do i rly want to fitt in ? and fit in to where ? i dont need to fit in , thats why i love being with my sva friends but as school i ending , that means mor time at home and more time with my syrian friends , and though i love them . they just dont fully understand me … they know im an artist but they just dont undestand it. living in the syrian bubble in brooklyn can be a creative block .. i dont want to fall into the rutine of manicure pedicure and going for lunch everyday .. you tend to forget there is more out there .. its suffocating tto live in a woorld of manicures .i means its nice to have ur nails clean ..but .. there is more to life than that .. i stopped carring about manicures when i started sva , because my nails would be coveredd with either pain or glue . but than i relized that i dont value manicures enough for it to take up my time .. once the semester is over i will get a manicure , and i will go for luch and laze arund in brooklyn.. oh shit , that sounds like a curse .. i think i just realized why i have been dreading the end of the semester so much . But i guesse it doesnt have to be like that i can haave a forfilling summer … I can continue to explore .. i hope so i wont let the syrian bubble suck me in ..but i dont mind floating in and out .. but i need the city i need the moma , the met , the whittney and the guggenheim ..and chelsea .. uch i love it to much im insane .. i love how i always start these blog entrys not knowing ere it would lead me .. but i always make these self discovories


Help with baby pool

2009-07-12 07:21:04 by Shar-peiLover

I have one of those hard plastic baby pools. It has a small hole in it. About the size of half a pencil lead.
Any way I can plug it? Duct tape? I thought of trying to melt some plastic and try to "fuse" it shut. Just don't want to spend $ for another one and that's a lot of plastic to throw out!
Thanks for any suggestions

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