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June 21st, 2013 Before buying any kind of pool, make sure to understand both the pros and cons of these a swimming pool. In the past articles here’ have spoken about why you would like to buy a abs plastic pool. In the following paragraphs, I must present sleep issues from the argument–why you might not wish to purchase abs plastic pools, and also the issues you need to consider prior to you making this decision.

Abs plastic fiberglass pool manufacturers potentially possess the following issues that you need to consider before installation:

1) They don’t have exactly the same personalization options as other pools (for example gunite or shotcrete pools)

2) The upfront price of the swimming pool is generally more

3) You will find difficulties with draining the swimming pool completely

First, let us consider the personalization issues. Because pools produced from abs plastic are produced in the factory then shipped for your door you might not have the ability to have any kind of formed pool that you’d want. Clearly this isn’t an problem if you’re searching for a far more standardized pool (square, round, etc.) shape, but when you would like something which appears like an oasis and fills the unique form of your yard, then you’re most likely at a complete loss unless of course you will find a manufacturer who’ll build a completely custom job.

Second, the upfront costs of the abs plastic pool is usually greater than a concrete-type pool. Yes, this might be counter-intuitive since it requires so a smaller amount time for you to install this kind of pool, but that’s the situation. However, simply because the upfront cost is more does not necessarily mean that more than the existence from the pool it will not be cheaper–abs plastic pools do save a little money on repair and chemical costs.

Finally, you might not have the ability to completely empty your pool, which makes it a little bit more hard to winterize and also to clean or ‘dump’ your water and begin again again. This is also true in places that ground water levels are near or greater than your present pool level. Make sure to speak to your local pool specialist to make certain if this sounds like your situation.

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They do make bigger plastic pools

2011-03-26 17:20:44 by phrannie

Than the one you have in the pic. If you get a trough, you're going to have bury it some so the dog can get into it. They make hard plastic ones...50 gallon and 100 gallon...and they run $50 to $150. The 100 gallon one would probably be too deep.
I'd check for the large sized plastic pool like you have there at Walmart or something...it's big enough for my dog lay down in, and he's 130 lbs.

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