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Posted on November 17, 2013 – 02:27 am
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Hard Plastic

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Stanley Hardware National Hardware V6201 4-9/16-Inch Lock Latch, Black
Home Improvement (Stanley Hardware)
  • Ultra-strong polymers and stainless steel components - will never rust, bind or stain
  • Horizontally and vertically adjustable -during or after installation
  • Key lockable for added security
  • Easy installation - saves you time and money
  • For use on metal, wood and vinyl gates

They do make bigger plastic pools

2011-03-26 17:20:44 by phrannie

Than the one you have in the pic. If you get a trough, you're going to have bury it some so the dog can get into it. They make hard plastic ones...50 gallon and 100 gallon...and they run $50 to $150. The 100 gallon one would probably be too deep.
I'd check for the large sized plastic pool like you have there at Walmart or something...it's big enough for my dog lay down in, and he's 130 lbs.

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Jed Industries Ace Pool Accessory Hangers Plastic Double-hook
Lawn & Patio (Jed Industries)

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