Hard Plastic Pools with SlidesSeptember 29, 2013 – 09:58 am

Hard Plastic Pools with Slides

July 11,2013 Most children like splashing around in water. My dad would take us swimming often as we grew up.He would drive for hours to take us to a lake or a spring creek. I did not realize then how much time he was really setting aside for us. He loved spending time with his two daughters. He would grill out hamburgers or lie on the shore taking a nap while we played. I love the memories of walking with him along the creek or sandy …

Hard plastic Kids PoolSeptember 28, 2013 – 09:36 am

Hard plastic Kids Pool

How does your dog stay cool in the summer? I have heard of a lot of dogs dieing these days from heat stroke and just wondered how your dog says cool. I keep a kiddie pool in his outdoor kennel and change the outdoor water 3-4 times with 2 slivers of ice. Inside i just keep his water cool.How does your dog stay cool in the summer?Here's some things i do to keep my dog cool!Fresh Water and Shade These are the two most important things a dog …

Hard plastic Pools TulsaSeptember 15, 2013 – 03:53 am

Hard plastic Pools Tulsa

By Larry Reed (Leighton, Alabama) Parisian Pool Parts We purchased a 27ft Parisian above ground pool, by Aqualeader, in 2001. We need to replace about 4 of the top rails and 7 of the expansion joints and are having a hard time finding them. Any help would be deeply appreciated. Thanks, larryreed1947@gmail.com Old Poseidon 21' Above Ground Pool Needs Parts by Rick (Metairie, La., US) Poseidon Pool Parts Poseidon Pool Poseidon Pool …

Hard plastic Little Tikes poolSeptember 6, 2013 – 01:53 am

Hard plastic Little Tikes pool

Hard-plastic Little Tikes Pool with built-in curvy slide. It's 6 feet long, 53" wide, and 12" deep. Clean fun! Ages 1and up. $30. __._, _.___ ************************************************************************ FTS e-sponsor of the Week **** Achim Academy Center for Education Do Your Want Your Gifted Child to Succeed? 305-945-7443 info@aaceschool.org **** ************************************************************************ Is your …

Hard plastic Pools at WalmartSeptember 3, 2013 – 12:49 am

Hard plastic Pools at Walmart

25 things.... Happy Friday eve!!!! Today, I was reading a new blog, Love of Family and Home... and I thought this idea was really neat...25 things...yes, 25 random things. You write 25 random things that you are thinking about right now and post them. I think I will give that a try. Remember how I love to read people's favorite things and their lists?? Well, this was right up my alley. So, here's my 25 random things I'm thinking …

Hard Plastic Swimming PoolsAugust 7, 2013 – 09:12 am

Hard Plastic Swimming Pools

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Home Depot hard plastic poolJuly 28, 2013 – 09:00 pm

Home Depot hard plastic pool

ED. NOTE: This is the final in a series of guest posts, which were so helpful during a very hectic spring. Many thanks to Miller Mobley, Finn O'Hara, John Keatley, Chris Crisman and Brad Trent for the assist. -DH _________ hen last we left Brad, he was waiting patiently for the pool to fill up. Today, he'll walk through that part of the shoot and the post processing he used to get the final image, seen above. Sortaa cool, IMO, as this is …

Hard Plastic Pool FloatsJuly 10, 2012 – 00:00

Hard Plastic Pool Floats

Dog Play Ideas When It’s Hot Outside It’s hot outside baby. It is dangerously hot outside and your dog is driving you crazy. What in the world are you going to do? Here are a few activities to keep yourself and your pooch happy and cool in the heat. Wet and Wild What better way to spend a sweltering day than to splash around with your pooch. Kiddie pools are an inexpensive and fun solution to any hot day. I keep one filled with fresh …