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    When I watched girls easily ran within the high heels in Television, I really adore them. I am afraid a couple of years later on, perhaps I'm able to put on high heel shoes to run like them. Most Barbie fans of all ages high heels with red soles, a lot of who add to their collections by buying Kids Hard Plastic Pools, rarely ever visit just the toys and also the clothes though. Like

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    The Fourth Seal

    2007-12-27 12:29:27 by WannabeWriterCT

    Following is a story that I wrote quite a while back, I just dug it off an old hard drive. There is nothing spectacular about it with the exception that it has been re-written several times. In my mind it's done. I'm very curious to see how something I consider finished will hold up here under so many eyes. I've read enough on here in the last few days to know that there is valuble criticism available. So please, feedback. I can take all kinds. I have a thick skin. Even the garbage anonymous nasty ones. I want to be a better writer, and I'm not gonna get there on my own.
    The Fourth Seal
    The floors were a checkered tile pattern of white and a slightly sickening turquoise

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    These kinds of arguments, no matter how much they try to confuse you by being obtuse and arguing everything through insinuation, never work unless you buy the premise that men and women will not be with each other unless they're forced to.

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